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Modernizing Data for Public Health

Public Health

We understand public health.

The Delineate team boasts a strong foundation in public health research and practice. Our team, with advanced education in public health, epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy, and health informatics, bring a rich blend of academic knowledge and practical experience from their roles in health and human services. This unique combination of subject matter and data expertise positions us ideally to modernize data infrastructure, seamlessly integrating and managing health data, while providing expert consultation for interpreting complex health information.

“We are dedicated to turning intricate public health data puzzles into impactful, real-world solutions.”

We excel in converting complex data into solutions through expert assessment, policy support, and data insights, aiming to enhance public health and support population well-being.

  • Assessment
    Our team specializes in the systematic assessment of health data. We collect, analyze, and interpret data to uncover health trends, risks, and areas needing attention. Our robust data analytics capabilities enable public health agencies to make informed decisions, prioritize resources, and address health disparities effectively.
  • Policy
    By harnessing evidence-based insights, we empower public health leaders to devise strategic plans and policies that effectively respond to community health needs, promote wellness, and foster sustainable health environments.
  • Assurance
    Our approach to public health assurance is anchored in data integrity and actionable insights. We support public health agencies in enforcing health laws and regulations, ensuring data compliance, and evaluating the effectiveness of health interventions. Our goal is to guarantee that health systems are robust, safe, and aligned with community health objectives.

Public Health Spotlight

The Delineate team is enhancing the Indiana Department of Health's data infrastructure to align with the CDC's Data Modernization Initiative (DMI), aiming for improved, timely insights for public health decision-making. We're proud to support Indiana's efforts in this initiative.

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Key Approaches

Program and Policy Evaluation

Our evaluation experts deploy methodical, whole-system assessments to best optimize public health initiatives. Through rigorous analysis of program effectiveness and policy impact, we identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. By aligning evaluation findings with strategic goals, we help shape evidence-based policies and programs that promote wellness within the communites they aim to serve.

Reporting and Decision Support

We equip teams to go beyond standard regulatory compliance - offering vital insights and expert guidance to transition from basic reporting to sophisticated analytics. This dual approach not only addresses immediate needs but also enhances decision-making abilities, enabling organizations to navigate complex data demands and influence program and policy initiatives effectively with advanced analytical capabilities.

Situational Awareness

Our expert guidance leverages comprehensive surveillence methodologies to serve as the cornerstone of effective response and intervention strategies. By continuously monitoring and analyzing health data, trends, and emerging threats, we empower decision-makers to proactively address public health challenges. Our holistic approach ensures timely and informed actions, safeguarding community well-being and resilience.

The Delineate Framework

The Delineate Framework is a systematic, iterative process centered on developing expectations, using data, and matching expectations. To effectively accomplish these tasks, Delineate collaborates closely with its clients to understand their problems, identify questions that can be solved, conduct analyses, engineering, and modeling, interpret the results, and ultimately translate these outcomes into tangible action.

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