Creating a Visionary, Trusted Consulting Firm

"We want to be trusted for enabling clients to transform complex problems into impactful solutions."

We deliver trusted results through expert research, analysis, collaborative partnerships, and ensuring solutions are translated into tangible, real-world insights.

  • Context Matters
    Effective solutions are rooted in context. We align our approach with your business environment and goals. By interpreting results within a structured framework and considering external factors, we avoid misinterpretations that could impede decision-making. Our commitment is to integrate this vital context, delivering tailored, accurate, and actionable insights.
  • Pragmatism Matters
    A pragmatic approach is vital for progress, emphasizing practical, achievable goals. While scientific rigor is important, an overly stringent focus may hinder progress and timely improvement. By prioritizing practical solutions, Delineate ensures adaptability, iterative development, and measurable results aligned with our clients’ objectives.
  • Translation is Paramount
    At the core of our philosophy is the belief that technology and tools, while essential, are not the centerpiece of our data products. For us, the journey doesn't conclude with the mere creation of a data product. We're committed to ensuring that our solutions seamlessly integrate into your business processes and decision-making pathways. Completion of a project, in our eyes, goes beyond the product itself—it's about making sure that the end-users genuinely understand and can effectively utilize decision-making tools.

Key Milestones

Young and Accomplished

Delineate is a young company but already on an impactful journey alongside our clients.



After years of service in academia and health and human services, our founder and senior leaders established Delineate. The mission: apply their pragmatic approach and lessons learned in data translation to tackle new, complex challenges.



Delineate began working alongside clients solving complex problems for non-profits, government agencies from health and human services to workforce development and beyond, and in the private sector.


2024 & Beyond

Delineate continues to serve our clients and establish meaningful partnerships with groups like Databricks and Salesforce so we can make effective use of technology to problems that come our clients’ way.

An Innovative Data Paradigm

Our approach is far from transactional; we see it as a collaborative partnership. We place great emphasis on nurturing this partnership, considering it a vital element throughout the development lifecycle. By doing so, we ensure that our solutions are not just tools, but extensions of your business strategy, tailored to empower and evolve with your team.

Hear from
our founder.

Our founder created Delineate to bring comprehensive, explainable, and usable data services to the consulting world. His goal was never to simply do data science – but to use data science to make impactful organizational, public policy, and community change wherever possible.

At Delineate, we're not just about data services; we're about driving impactful change. Our vision was to provide comprehensive, explainable, and usable data consulting services. We don't just crunch numbers; we leverage to empower organizations, shape public policy, and transform communities for the better.

Dr. Connor Norwood

Founder and CEO

Looking Ahead: Our Vision

Delineate is always looking forward. We have our eyes on purposeful growth, bringing our unique and innovative approach to data and decision-making to as many industries and organizations as possible. We love a challenge, and are constantly learning new skills, building relationships, and adapting our abilities to provide the best services possible.

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