From Chaos to Order

Delineate means to clearly and precisely describe something – and that’s where we thrive. All organizations have data, but most struggle to cultivate real insights that delineate a path to action. Our approach distills complex problems into detailed questions that can be solved. Through rigorous analysis, systematic research, and the best analytical approaches, we bring order to chaos, translating data into practical, actionable insights.

Focus Areas

Delineate specializes in delivering value-driven data solutions tailored for public sector, healthcare, and public health challenges. Our team, comprising of innovators and award-winners, leverages extensive experience across these sectors to provide comprehensive, impactful solutions aimed at addressing significant challenges.

Our Recipe
for Success

We focus on pragmatic, usable solutions that our clients understand and can effectively implement and use even after our engagement is complete.

Expert Data Science Services

Delineate offers end-to-end data services, including data engineering, advanced data analytics, business intelligence, and data storytelling. Our team has experience serving clients in government, the private sector, and non-profits.

The Delineate

The Delineate Framework is our north star, the process that keeps our team constantly aligned with our client's wants, needs, and context. Through the Delineate Framework, we ensure accuracy and meaningfulness throughout our projects.

Highly Experienced Consultants

Our team is full of pragmatic problem-solvers, experienced policy professionals, distinguished academics, scientists, and public health experts, all brought together by curiosity and tenacity in the face of challenges.

Proven Track Record of Success

In our short history, we’ve worked alongside government agencies, non-profits, research institutions, and healthcare organizations to enact big change and improve outcomes.

Strategic Partnerships

Our team builds meaningful relationships with other experts so we can bring the best services possible to our clients. Our strategic partnerships enhance and build upon our data services.

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