A Strategy for Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

The Delineate Framework is a comprehensive approach designed to bridge traditional data analytics, research, policy, and decision-making.

The Delineate Framework is a systematic, iterative process centered on developing expectations, using data, and matching expectations as every stage of a project.

Develop Expectations

We begin each engagement by setting expectations for both our team and our clients. This means working with our clients to fully understand their pain points, the context surrounding their problems, and how we can help. By starting this way, our whole team is aligned on what we need to solve.

Gather and Use Research and Data

After comprehensively understanding our client's needs and environment, we conduct systematic research, gather data, and provide the data services needed to solve our client’s challenges. Our approach to this step is highly customized to the organization and problem we are tackling and is always based on best practices.

Match Expectations

Throughout the project and before we complete any engagement, we compare our research and data to the initial expectations developed in tandem with our clients. If there’s a mismatch, we either revise expectations appropriately or adjust the data and approach until we ensure alignment.

Continuous refinement centered on your biggest challenges.

Our team centers all projects on the Delineate Framework and its iterative approach, collaborating closely with its clients and stakeholders to understand their problems, identify questions that can be solved, develop technical solutions, and ultimately translate findings into tangible action.

People and Problems First. Data and Technology Second.

We prioritize understanding challenges and the people affected, using data and technology as tools to create tailor-made, impactful solutions

Lead with the business needs

Our use of technology and tools are designed to address specific business problems rather than being focused solely on technology itself.

Leverage data as an enabler

By starting with a clear understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities within the business environment, we help clients use their data not just as a repository of information but as a tool to drive decisions, streamline operations, and enhance services.

Translation is at the Core of Every Project.

Success isn't just in creation; it's in adoption and meaningful use. Our philosophy centers on integrating solutions into your business, not just creating them. We focus on user understanding and effective utilization, ensuring our products truly enhance decision-making.

Effective Adoption

First meeting users where they are, we assist organizations in nurturing a culture of curiosity, exploration, and partnership, which enhances the integration of data and evidence into their decision-making processes.

Beyond the Data

Our teams bring subject matter expertise to every project, ensuring that we're not only solving technical problems but addressing business problems in practical, meaningful ways.

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