Value-Driven Solutions Across Industries

Tailored expertise for public and private sector challenges and opportunities.

Delineate's team of innovators and award-winners bring a wealth of experience and energy to projects across a broad range of industries. Whether you're an organization in the public sector, a non-profit, a healthcare institution, or in the private sector, Delineate's team has the expertise needed to address your most significant challenges.


Our team members have worked within or alongside government institutions for over 50 years. We understand the world of government and have a track record of quickly understanding its complex problems, identifying and working with the right stakeholders, facilitating work across agencies, and driving toward action in the unique world of the public sector. Our data minds and policy experts collaborate closely to ensure our government solutions are holistic, meaningful, and context-specific.


Our team seamlessly navigates the complexities of the healthcare sector. We excel in understanding healthcare challenges and driving actionable solutions. The combination of our data analytics and healthcare expertise ensures that our solutions are comprehensive, impactful, and tailored to the specific needs of each healthcare organization.

Public Health

At Delineate, we recognize public health as vital for community well-being, encompassing disease prevention, healthy behavior promotion, and equitable healthcare access. With 40+ years of collective experience, we excel at generating insights while assessing public health needs and crafting holistic solutions that address social determinants and foster healthy living.

The Minds Behind Our Solutions

"The Delineate team demonstrated superb leadership, great diplomatic tact, superior organizational ability, complete dependability, and outstanding dedication to their work. They are strong and solid leaders who also exhibit analytical rigor and effective communication skills."
- Indiana National Guard

Awards and Recognitions

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