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The word delineate means to clearly and precisely describe something. In our experience, we've found that the challenge isn't identifying the data insight but translating it to something usable and delineating a path to taking action. 

Our approach focuses first on identifying complex problems but distilling them into detailed questions that can be solved for.  Through rigorous analysis and research, we apply the most appropriate analytical approaches to the problem and then focus on translating these insights into action. These practical, actionable insights help our clients become confident in the decisions they make. 


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Delineate prioritizes gaining a deep understanding of our clients' needs, pain points, and goals. Our team will collaborate with experts at your organization to understand the context around the issues you are facing and ensure we completely understand the crux of your challenges. Our knowledge-building process also includes external research and investigation to establish the full picture of what Delineate can help you tackle. 


Delineate spends the extra time to understand a client’s most pressing problems and identify the most rigorous analytical approaches to solving those problems.  We are agnostic to technology, problem-solving techniques, and analytics, always informing these decisions by what is best for our clients and guided by industry best practices. The Delineate team always maintains the highest level of objectivity and integrity in our work while balancing the realities of analytical rigor versus practical implementation and application.


At Delineate, success means a practical, usable solution that our clients understand and can effectively implement and use even after our engagement is complete. We expect our solutions to get to the core of our clients' most complex challenges and help them make critical policy and business decisions with the support of data and analytics. Pragmatic solutions rarely look like figures and statistics but more like data storytelling, effective visualization and dashboards, and comprehensive, analytical deliverables that can inform decisions now and in the future. 


We place a high value on trust and honesty with our clients. The Delineate team strives to build relationships with each of our clients that thrive on transparency and candid, clear communication. Expect to see updates and information in a method and at a level that is accessible to your organization. As part of this partnership, Delineate will proactively anticipate and communicate any issues, roadblocks, or findings that may alter the engagement or can start adding value to your organization immediately. 

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"Dr. Norwood spent countless hours [during the COVID-19 pandemic] talking to CEOs of hospital systems or local businesses explaining the data in ways that was understandable to them. He was frequently working with the media to help them with the interpretation of what they were looking at so that information could be confidently and accurately communicated to the local communities."


We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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